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“I have no mouth but i must scream.”
“gat damn it must be awesome to be one of nicki minaj “brothers” lol”
“its only a few of us so we gotta stick together.”

still goin..

“people are ignoring the fact that we can’t seem to accept everyone as human and just be at peace”
“the industry is scared of anything that breaks the conformity of how things flow/work.”


Rochelle Jordan - Follow Me (Prod KLSH)
Written by Rochelle Jordan
Additional Composition by Slikk
Mixed and Mastered by Steve Baughman at Next Level Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Download at

Proto Man from Mega Man Video Game. 

Proto Man from Mega Man Video Game. 

“believe me now.”

☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the internet
/ \ so he can take over the internet.

“Follow Me, What The Fuss, Lowkey, Back in the Day, Slow… TBH you have a EP already from Rochelle.. what more you want!!?”
— Puff Daddy