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“people love to give “new” success to the term “out of nowhere” i think its an injustice to the person’s hard work to say out of nowhere. nothing is out of nowhere.”


Playa 4 Life (Feat IAMSU)

Produced by Jay Ant

Additional Programming by KLSH

“every female coming out right now trying to sound like toronto. Meanwhile Rochelle Jordan coming out sounding like Rochelle Jordan. None of them from Toronto is why..”


barrelofsounds asked:

thank you for hearting my post about rojo. i dunno how you find that post. but it means alot. xx


no thank you for sharing


spaceodessy asked:

Tips on getting started with producing music ? and would you prefer maschine or akai to get started with ?



“sometimes you work with people cause they legends.. other times they just hot. Sometimes you work with people cause there’s this synergy there, we all work with a lot of different people in this business.. but there’s those special combinations that you KNOW..just brings out the best in you.”
— Jay-Z